Chef Keith Hand

Chef Keith Hand

As early as age five, Chef Keith Hand would stand on a stool to help his grandmother prepare breakfast and lunch for the fifty children who attended her daycare. Ever since, Chef Keith Hand knew food and cooking would be his life's passion. Before he had even started school himself, Keith carried out his culinary duties five days a week. By the age of six, he was purchasing grocery cart loads of food and writing menus for the family business.

Now, with over thirty-five years of professional experience in the culinary industry, he has owned and operated Bridge Catering for the past five years. His menus are Southern classics set amidst elegant designs. His staff has served corporate clients in a variety of industries, from major law firms, large management/consulting companies and accounting firms, to private clients, universities, and churches.

Bridge Catering specializes in weddings, social events, and special corporate events. For Chef Keith, the joy of catering is that unlike in an a la carte restaurant, the menus, clients, and venues change bringing the variety that is the spice of life. Dedicated to community service, Bridge Catering is the exclusive caterer for all of the Joining Hearts events. Also Keith is active in Chris' Kids charity as well.

So how did Keith get here?

Every step of his journey of starting his own catering business centered around food and events. Growing up in Forest Park, Georgia Keith cooked for his entire family because his mom worked late hours. He also decorated for holidays at the daycare center focusing on flowers and seasonal décor. Keith's artistic bent was not wholly towards food. He took up photography as a hobby. In junior high he worked as a freelance sports photographer at a local newspaper. In high school he joined the yearbook team utilizing his layout, design, and photography skills.